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Welcome to spainlifeinsurance.es, this is the life insurance website for Turner Insurance Specialists S.L.

Life insurance can be a confusing subject for some, so we aim to try and explain what life insurance is, how theses insurance policies can cover you in Spain and protect your assets and inheritance. A life insurance policy in Spain is the same as it is in the UK and other countries, an insurance policy on your life, so in the event the unforeseen happens, the policy will pay out an agreed amount to your next of kin or designated beneficiary. This agreed amount for life insurance cover or life assurance cover, can serve to cover a loss of income for your spouse, to clear loans or debts, cover inheritance costs or just to make life easy for the beneficiary if something happened. There are optional extra covers that we can include on a life insurance policy so you have the main cover for death by any cause, absolute and permanent invalidity, critical illnesses, just female critical illnesses and repatriation expenses. We can also offer to include a double or even the capital insured in the event of death by accident, death by road traffic accident, permanent invalidity for accidents or road traffic accidents.

A life insurance policy is not a funeral insurance policy, however, you can opt to increase the capital you need cover for to also include a certain amount to cover funeral costs if need be. We have many expats that take out a small life insurance policy just to cover funeral costs, a policy with 10.000€ or 20.000€ cover in the event of death by any cause only is not expensive at all.

We can issue new life insurance policies for clients up to 69 years of age, however the optional extras such as permanent invalidity or critical illness cover are only available up to 65 years of age.

We always recommend you specify a beneficiary on your life insurance policy in Spain, this will make the settlement of the policy much easier.

Please click on the link for Life insurance and inheritance in Spain to read more information about this.

Please note, a funeral policy will help you arrange the actual funeral plans too however, a life policy will just pay out an agreed amount of money.
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